(Un) Becoming: Opening to the biography I am yet to write

I knew from the first day when I read the topics that today’s challenge will be the most difficult. I struggle to write, say, or even acknowledge within anything that has to do with me -mostly the good stuff. I am still contemplating if I will be writing this or not, but if I do, I know it will be far from all the good stuff.

To Ya Sally, Fanta, and Usman, for being memories of bedtime stories for my kids

To My Mom and Dad, for being breakable bonds that still brought love and care to our lives

Finally, To Ousman, For Loving Every Breath of Me

Dear Wilson,

I am writing this to you from where you last met me. Do you remember it? I know it was dark and frosty, but I hope you do remember everything except how I was vulnerable. In more good news, I am in a completely better place — I hope, I would not have written this if I was not.

I also do hope you are doing well, and that everything on that side is working better than here, I do hope it is actually. I should tell you about how the government is acting completely oblivious to the situation and is failing to protect us. But this is not news, and you may have already read about it.

Please write back to me if (read when, because I am really hoping that you will) you read this. If you go past your story in it. Ousman thought it might take you days to put words together, but I can wait. It took me two years to write this and the publishers are not in a hurry. Your critique is highly needed because you have been there, for most of it all.

Write to me, or call, or whatever means of communication is used on that side of the world now.

Yours truly,

With love,


This is the opening of my biography that I have not yet written. I thought it would be better than writing about not knowing what to write or not writing about anything at all.

For what it is worth, for not being able to write, I am learning to reflect on my achievements and appreciate all that is part of my process of growth. I am not there yet, and I realized that I needed that for particularly this piece. Moreso, I need it for the constant reminder of where I am and what is yet to come, of the people who love me dearly and are always there for support, to give and receive.

Anyway, there’s a biography of me somewhere on the internet, and also in my first challenge post.

My favorite most decent photo on the internet right now taken by Ngenarr-Yassin Jeng

If you were to write your biography, what would be your opening line? Blur out everything happening right now and let me know in the comment box.




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